Fantastibad at a Glance:

Fantastibad: I Kinda Like It, follows the life of Cecil Standell after he wins the lottery.  After talking with his best friend from college, Nina McNeil, he decides that he wants to buy a mansion and invite his closest friends to live with him.  A little while later, a long dormant sense of insanity surfaces in Cecil and his imagination comes to life: literally. Because they don't want to leave the world of luxury they've stepped into, his friends decide to stay, but at what cost?

During this time, Cecil also decided to start doing a webcomic of his own, Nerd Club: Interwebs, which follows the internet life of Craig Olsen (AKA the author) and sometimes Kim Samson (AKA the artist). Scary, no?

About the Authors:

Artist / Website Designer:

Kimberly “Maqqy96" Samson is a normal Ohio girl who’s been drawing anime-style since around 1995. Over the years, she’s focused mostly on Mega Man related artwork and the like, but around 2002 she began to reach out and seek new entertainments. She also writes and is the artist for Maq #041.


Craig “Gyrick” Olsen had met Kim in High School when they had the same Geography class, and has been friends with her ever since (they both like Mega Man). He has earned a Master's Degree in Creative Writing, and is now trying to actually put that to use by creating this comic. He is also the co-writer/editor for Maq #041


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