Author-related Links:

Gyrick's Deviantart: Where Gyrick keeps all his artwork, including his old comic "Nerd Club".

Maq #041: Another comic, drawn/written by Maqqy96, and edited/co-written by Gyrick.

MHHO Studio: Website for the Maqqy96.

Comics Gyrick Recommends:

Least I Could Do: One of the funniest comics on the web, and it updates daily! It follows the misadventures of Raine Summers, a ladies' man but nerd at heart. Contains language, suggested nudity, sexual themes and cartoon violence. "PG-13" most of the time, but runs into "R" territory frequently and at random.

Slightly Damned: A story driven comic about a slightly damned soul named Rhea Snaketail as she travels with her demon "best friend" Buwaro and an angel that transforms into a bunny. Yes, you heard correctly. Contains fantasy violence and language. Somewhere between "PG" and "PG-13."

Axe Cop: On the one hand, the comic is about a rouge cop who uses an axe to chop the heads off of evil. More importantly, it's a comic that is written by a five year old (when it started) and is drawn by his 29 year old brother (when it started). Cartoon/Realistic violence. "PG."

Wasted Talent: A hand drawn, hand colored autobiographical comic about a woman going through life in Canada. The comic is seriously much more entertaining than I can describe it. Language. "PG."

Comics Maqqy96 Recommends:

Kagerou: One of the most interesting comics out there, it tells the story of Kano, a psycho-patient who's brought to another world because one of his alter-ego's has been chosen as that world's champion. Contains nudity, violence, and language. Not for younger viewers.

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuki A comic to make your head turn, SGVY features Yuki, a poor anime-loving boy who gets turned into a magical girl. Now nothing will stop him from trying to turn back into a boy, not even the great Surt and his norse hosts!

Corner Alley 13 A cute, well drawn comic about a modern day Elf trying to make it in the human world. Along with her non-human friend's, they struggle to adapt and become american citizens.

U.F.O.: Momo's comic about a girl vs Spunk-Draining aliens. With the aid of a proffessor who's turned into a pig and his daughter, the unlikely hero sets out to wag war.

Girly: The zanny adventures of side-kick Otra and her leader, Winter.

Sore Thumbs: A very funny, original gaming comic. Though it's a fairly new comic (about 2 years old), it already has a strong following.

VG Cats: I'm not sure what to say about this comic. It's gaming related, and completely random. ....RAT FLAIL!

Sinfest: The incredibly funny daily comic about Slick and Monique and crew in their daily lives. A must see, if for no other reason then the "God using hand-puppets" comics. XD Contains mild launguage and sexual referances.

Errant Story: Meji the half-elf is desperatly trying to find a way to become an all-consuming powerful god-like mage so she can enslave all of humanity for her school's final project. Contains mild nudity, sexual referances, and mild language.

Mega Tokyo: Anyone worth their salt already reads this funny comic of the lost-in-japan duo, Piro and Largo. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do so soon, or we will all laugh at you behind your back.

Bob and George: One of the most popular Mega Man sprite comics there is. A long-running Mega Man-based comic drawn by the infamous Terra. Follows both comidic and serious plotlines.

Questionable Content: Updated Monday - Fridays, this long running comic is all about the daily life and it's many adventures of a group of Indy geeks and their friends.

Gunnerkirgg Court: A strange and beautiful comic that tells of Antimony Carver and her life at a strange school that is within a court surrounded by mystery.

Other Links

Where Gay and Lesbian Superheroes Live: A list of LGBTQ superheroes (Marvel and DC mainly). A good resource for anyone interested in the subject.